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Timișoara Revolution Memorial Popa Șapcă Street 3-5
Following the tragic events that took place during the Revolution in Timişoara, on 26th April 1990 the Revolution of 16-22 December Memorial Association was established. It aims to understand and to let the general public know how the Revolution of Timişoara did unfolded, displaying in a museum-like environment materials depicting the causes of the triggering of the events, both from the general point of view from the Eastern Bloc and from the particular one of the Romanian communist society. The organization dedicated itself until today to a research and documentation activity and in the same time to constructing a series of 12 monuments placed on the main spots where the Revolution took place.

Since 1998, the Memorial functioned in the building on Ungureanu str., no. 8 and since 2011, it has its headquarters North from Unirii Square, in the M Pavilion of the barracks 1079. The building is part of a military complex constructed during the Austrian administration, before 1850, on the site of the bastions of the former fortress. The ensemble is dominated by the Ferdinand Barracks, also called over time Nándor Barracks, Regimentului 5 vânători Barracks (5th Regiment Hunters) and Oituz Barracks, today functioning as Faculty of Arts and Design. It also consists of the today’s building of the Memorial, which is disposed symmetrically opposing to an identical building. The building, which was made out of a ground floor and one other floor, with a minimum of ornamentation and equally disposed windows, sheltered the garrison’s troops, probably being constructed in 1890. It makes itself remarked through a symmetrical planimetry, shaped as a rectangular, with flared corners and a staircase placed in a perpendicular angle against the facade. After 1989, the area is demilitarized and the building left deserted. Irony of fate or not, the memorial is located on the site on which the troops that opposed the citizens during the Revolution.
Becoming connected Curators: Rainald Schumacher & Nathalie Hoyos Timișoara Memorial of Revolution 3-31 October, 11:00-19:00 (closed on Mondays)

15:00 – 16:00 Guided tour: Becoming Connected, Museum of the Revolution

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