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Snježana Pintarić (Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb) 2 Oct. 2015 15:30
Mrs Snježana Pintarić has been a director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb since 1998. She graduated History of Art and the German language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in 1983 and she acquired the title of Master of Arts in the field of the Humanities and Social Science at the same faculty in 1993. [more...]

Christian Rattemeyer (Curator of Drawings, MoMA, New York) 3 Oct. 2015 15:30
Christian Rattemeyer is the Harvey S. Shipley Miller Associate Curator in the Department of Drawings at The Museum of Modern Art. [more...]

Dan Perjovschi (artist) 4 Oct. 2015 11:00
Dan Perjovschi is a cartoonist, illustrator, writer, journalist and author of Romanian performance. His works of art are a combination of drawings, cartoons, raw art and graffiti and are temporarily exhibited on museum walls or on the walls of other contemporary places in the world. [more...]

Nathalie Hoyos (curator of Art Encounters 1st Edition) 6 Oct. 2015 10:00
Nathalie Hoyos is one of the main curators of the first edition of Art Encounters. [more...]

Alex Mirutziu (artist) 14 Oct. 2015 13:00
Part of Generation Y, Alex Mirutziu (born 1981, lives and works in Romania), grew up in precariously improvised Communist Romania, at a time when “The People’s House” was erected. The construction of the building forever changed his attachment to form, as it has been largely the direct expression of Ceausescu’s body language. [more...]

Anya Medvedeva (Director, IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives, Kiev) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00
Zofia Ploska (Curator, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00

Anda Ionescu (Artist) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00

Marat Guelman (Chief Curator, Budva) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00

Iolanda Costide (Trustee & UK Secretary of the Paul Neagu Estate, London) 30 Oct. 2015 10:00

Marcella Beccaria (Chief Curator, Castello di Rivoli, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Torino) 2 Oct. 2015 17:00
Curator and writer, since 2012 Marcella Beccaria is Chief Curator at Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, located near Turin, in Northern Italy, where she has conceived and organized a number of projects, exhibitions series, solo and group shows. [more...]

Juliet Bingham (Curator of International Art, Tate Modern, London) 3 Oct. 2015 17:00
Juliet Bingham works on exhibitions, commissions, acquisitions and displays at Tate Modern. [more...]

Olaf Nicolai (artist) 4 Oct. 2015 17:00

Lynda Morris (Professor of Curation) 6 Oct. 2015 13:00
Lynda Morris is Professor of Curation at Norwich University of the Arts, UK, where she established and curated the hugely successful EASTinternational open submission exhibition between 1991-2009. [more...]

Erwin Kessler (Art Critic & Curator, Bucharest) 16 Oct. 2015 16:00
Erwin Kessler (1967) studied Philosophy and Art History in Bucharest, Prague, Paris and Maastricht. [more...]

Călin Man (Artist and Curator) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00
The artist from Arad is one of the promoters of multimedia art and .net art in Romania and has an international reputation. [more...]

Slaven Tolj (Director, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Croatia) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00

Iara Boubnova (Director, Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00

Matei Stircea-Crăciun (researcher, Francisc Rainer Anthropological Research Centre, Romanian Academy) 30 Oct. 2015 10:00

Sorin Dumitrescu (artist and writer, Romanian Academy) 31 Oct. 2015 11:00

Karolina Ziebinska-Lewandowska (Curator of Photography, Centre Pompidou, Paris) 3 Oct. 2015 15:30
Karolina Ziębińska-Lewandowska (PhD) curator and historian of art specialised in photography. [more...]

Frances Morris (Head of Collection and International Art, Tate Modern, London) 3 Oct. 2015 17:00

Rainald Schumacher (curator of Art Encounters 1st Edition) 6 Oct. 2015 10:00
Rainald Schumacher is one of the main curators of the first edition of Art Encounters. [more...]

Vlad Olariu (artist) 14 Oct. 2015 12:00
Dealing mainly with the mediums of sculpture and installation, my work is constructed around the idea of monumentality and heroism. It alternates between heroism and anti-heroism, monument and anti-monument, masterpiece and anti-masterpiece by questioning its political, historical, social or individual meanings. [more...]

Bogdan Ghiu (Radio România Cultural, Observatorul cultural) 16 Oct. 2015 17:00
Bogdan Ghiu was born on the 5th of July 1958. He is a poet, essayist, critic and theoretician (literature, arts, media), translator. [more...]

Gabriele Horn (Director of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00

Bärbel Vischer (Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Wien) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00

Zoran Eric (Chief Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade) 23 Oct. 2015 17:00

Lisa Le Feuvre (Head of Sculpture Studies, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds) 30 Oct. 2015 10:00

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