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Travelling towards Timișoara

Direct flights to the “Traian Vuia” local airport, located 12 km away from the city centre:

București (Tarom) | Munchen (Lufthansa) | Paris| Dortmund | Frankfurt Hahn | Memmingen | Bruxelles Charleroi | Milano-Bergamo | Bologna | Roma | Treviso | Bari | Londra-Luton | Barcelona | Madrid | Valencia (all WizzAir)

Flights from other destinations: Munich (Lufthansa) and Bucharest (Tarom).

By car.
Timișoara stands at equal distance between Wien and Bucharest and is only 3 hours away from Budapest. With the opening of the A1 highway there are now 93 km of continuous road from the border of Hungary towards the vicinity of Timișoara .

By train.
Timiș county has the biggest density of the railway network in Romania and Timișoara is the most important track knot in the county and also in the Western side of the country.

Gara de Nord is the main train station, located just 15 minutes away from downtown. International connections take you directly to Budapest, Belgrade or Wien but there are very good internal links as well.

Usefull websites for planning your trip:

Travelling in Timișoara

For real time information about the public transport, download the GetAroundTimi app, available for iOS.

Before stepping into a cab, you must know that Timișoara is the city with the most expensive fare price per kilometre in Romania. You will usually pay 2,19 lei/km during the day and 2,49 lei/km during the night, within the city borders. The price rates are displayed on the doors of each car. Every taxi car in Timișoara is yellow and runs 24/7.

A few local taxi companies:
Taxi Tudo 0256-945
Taxi Pro 0256-942
Taxi Radio 0256-940
Taxi Fan 0256-944
Taxi Euro 0256-941

VeloTM, for the owners of an electronic card, issued by RATT (the public transport company). In 25 stations of the public transport there have been racks with some 300 bikes installed that can be used just for moving from one station to another. This service is free of charge but you are supposed to move only between the stations and return the bike in 1 hour.

The electronic cards are issued by RATT at the headquarters on Take Ionescu Boulevard, nr. 56. In order to obtain the card you will have to fill some forms. With these and with your ID your card will be issued and handed to you.

In the central areas particularly, finding a parking place can be a challenge. The public Timpark parking spaces are charged according to the area in which they are located and the tax can be paid by sending an SMS to the number displayed at each spot. The other private monitored parking spaces in the central area usually charge around 2-5 lei per hour.

The legal speed limit within the city is 50 km/h. A route can be easily planned by visiting

List of recommendations

In order to help your visit be a pleasant one, we have put together an entertainment and leisure guide through the city and also some recommendations for accomodation in Timișoara.

Click here to download our list of recommendations.


Art Encounters is taking its first steps. Help us organize the first edition of the international art biennale!

If you like contemporary art, speak fluently at least another foreign language, if you are a people person and know Timișoara quite well… come join our volunteers team, by completing this application form. We will get in touch with you right away to see what we can do together.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, write an e-mail to Ingrid (

The Art Encounters Foundation is an independent cultural institution, which was set up in 2015 by Ovidiu Șandor, art collector actively involved in the contemporary art scene of Romania, member of The Russian and Eastern European Art Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern Museum, London.


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