ART ENCOUNTERS    |    Appearance & Essence    |    3-31 OCTOBER 2015    TIMISOARA | ARAD


The curatorial team consists of Nathalie HOYOS and Rainald SCHUMACHER, their role being to supervise the curatorial content of the entire event and to choose the curatorial theme of the first edition of Timisoara Art Encounters: “Appearance and Essence”. Nathalie and Rainald have also been in charge of selecting the artists invited to participate in the main exhibitions of the biennial, the artists in residence and the guests to attend the conferences within the biennial. The two have also invited a range of other curators who will be organizing exhibitions within the framework of the official programme.

The coordinating team is represented by Sorina JECZA and Suzana VASILESCU, their part being the coordination of the entire event.

The communication is coordinated by Oana ROMOCEA, and the marketing activity by Georgia BACINSCHI.

The organizing team includes a number of people representing a part of the partner institutions, namely Sorin PREDESCU (The County Directorate for Culture, Timiș County), Lavinia SIMION (Timisoara Municipality), Ingrid DIAC and Delia CRĂCIUN (The French Cultural Institute, Timisoara),Raluca POPA (The German Cultural Centre, Timisoara), Oana SIMIONESCU (The Order of Romanian Architects, Timis Division), Adriana LUCACIU and Maria OROSAN-TELEA (Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara).

The Art Encounters President is Ovidiu ŞANDOR.

The Art Encounters Foundation is an independent cultural institution, which was set up in 2015, by Ovidiu Șandor, art collector actively involved in the contemporary art scene of Romania, member of The Russian and Eastern European Art Acquisitions Committee of the Tate Modern Museum, London.



Nathalie Hoyos experiences include curatorial work at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn and the Belvedere in Vienna, Austria, advising in cultural politics and collection strategies.

Rainald Schumacher was responsible as chief curator and director for the Goetz Collection in Munich, Germany, and also as curator for contemporary art at the Art and Exhibition Hall. He has been director of Esther Schipper Gallery, Berlin, and at Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York. He worked as studio manager for Gerhard Richter in Cologne, Germany.


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