ART ENCOUNTERS    |    Appearance & Essence    |    3-31 OCTOBER 2015    TIMISOARA | ARAD

Nathalie Hoyos & Rainald Schumacher Curators of Art Encounters, 1st Edition
Nathalie Hoyos experiences include curatorial work at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn and the Belvedere in Vienna, Austria, advising in cultural politics and collection strategies. [more...]

Salonul de proiecte Guest Curator
Salonul de proiecte is a curatorial program of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, initiated by Magda Radu and Alexandra Croitoru. [more...]

Space Caviar Curator
Space Caviar is a design research collaborative operating at the intersection of architecture, technology, politics and the public realm. [more...]

Ileana Selejan Curator of R.E.M.X
Ileana Selejan is the Linda Wyatt Gruber ’66 Curatorial Fellow in Photography, at The Davis Museum at Wellesley College, where is recently organized the exhibition "Measuring the World: Photography, Geography, and Description." [more...]

Liviana Dan Curator
Liviana Dan is an art historian, art critic and curator at the Contemporary Art Department of the Brukenthal National Museum in Sibiu. [more...]

Ioana Mandeal Guest Curator
Ioana Mandeal is an art critic and curator with an educational background in European Cultural Studies and Art History and Theory in Bucharest and Visual Cultures and Curatorial Practices in Milan. [more...]

Alina Șerban Curator in residence
Alina Şerban is an art historian, curator and independent editor. Between 2008 and 2011 she co-ordinated the activity of the Centre for Visual Introspection in Bucharest. [more...]

Lynda Morris Curator
Lynda Morris is Professor of Curation at Norwich University of the Arts, UK, where she established and curated the hugely successful EASTinternational open submission exhibition between 1991-2009. [more...]

Hilde de Bruijn Curator
Hilde de Bruijn is a curator and advisor in contemporary arts, tending to focus on artistic and discursive practices dealing with social and political issues. [more...]

Ruxandra Demetrescu Curator
Ruxandra Demetrescu (n. 1954), art historian, professor of art history and theory at the Department of Doctoral Studies of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Romania. [more...]

Ileana Pintilie Guest Curator
She is the author of numerous articles on history and art criticism and of the volume Actionism in Romania under communism. [more...]

Andreea Palade Flondor Curator

Călin Man Curator of R.E.M.X
The artist from Arad is one of the promoters of multimedia art and .net art in Romania and has an international reputation. [more...]

George Săbău Curator
Multimedia theorist, born in 1937 in Arad. University BA in Aesthetics. [more...]

Roxana Gibescu Assistant Curator
Roxana Gibescu is currently preparing her PhD at the Centre of Excellence in Image Study (University of Bucharest) and was recently awarded to study one semmester at the Panthèon Sorbonne Paris 1 University. [more...]

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