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Timișoara, Art Encounters Venues

Timișoara Museum of Art Union Square 1
The Baroque Palace, situated in Unirii Square, hosts today the Museum of Art Timişoara. Its name dates back to the 18th century when Timişoara, under the rule of the Habsburgs, got a new urban plan with baroque architectural influences, either by adding new buildings or by transforming the existent ones.[more...]

Pygmalion Gallery Episcop Augustin Pacha Street 8
During the festival, the headquarters of Art Encounters will be located here. This is a multidisciplinary centre, with places dedicated to exhibitions and spectacles.[more...]

City Business Centre Coriolan Brediceanu Street 10
City Business Centre, the business hub of the Western side of Romania, will be hosting exhibitions within the Art Encounters biennale and will serve as binder between the corporate and artistic environment of the city.[more...]

Helios Gallery Victoriei Square 6
Helios Gallery is located in Victoriei Square, at the ground floor of Hilt-Vogel Palace. The building was constructed between 1912 and 1913 by the architect László Székely in a sober Hungarian Art Nouveau style, being stripped of the romantic details which we see for instance on the Brück house, designed by the same architect.[more...]

Calpe Gallery Hector Street 1
Calpe Gallery was opened in 2012, in building D of the Therezia Bastion in Timișoara.[more...]

Gerhardinum Highschool Regina Maria Square 1
The Roman Catholic High School "Gerhardinium", situated in Regina Maria Square, functions since 1992 in the building of the former Piarist High School which was closed down in 1948.[more...]

Bastion Maria Theresia Hector Street

TamTam Ștefan cel Mare 58

Cărturești Library Florimund Mercy Street 7
If "Paradise is a library" (Borges), Cărturești mirrors it in Romania.[more...]

Cazarma U Mărăști Square 2
Cazarma U, or the Wien Barracks how they were originally known as, were build in 1752. The building was a construction with two floors, closed on all sides and was located at the Northern limit of the fortress, right in front of the Wien Gate that lead the way to Szeged, Budapest and Wien.[more...]

Casa cu lei Union Square 6
Unirii Square is the oldest square in Timişoara and one of Art Encounters’ hubs. Throughout history the square was called Hauptplatz (Main Square), Domplatz (Dome Square) or Losonczy Square, after the name of the committee Ştefan Losoncyz, killed in 1552 when the fortress was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. Today’s name was given in 1919 because this was the place where the Romanian troops entered Timişoara, unifying Banat region with Big Romania.[more...]

Balamuc Libertății Square, 9 Mai Street 1, 2nd floor, ap.6
Balamuc started two years ago as the studio of the artists Livia Coloji, Răzvan Cornici and Ana Kun. Although it's mainly a working space, at times Balamuc holds fanzine workshops and other activities relating to illustration and lowbrow art.[more...]

Timișoara Revolution Memorial Popa Șapcă Street 3-5
Following the tragic events that took place during the Revolution in Timişoara, on 26th April 1990 the Revolution of 16-22 December Memorial Association was established.[more...]

TEBA Halls Arad, Patria Street 14C
The history of this place makes from the Teba factory a symbol of glory - both military, industrial, natural or urban - of Arad, but also of its continuous identity reinvention. Situated on the side towards Timişoara, on the riverbanks of Mureş, between the Swabian neighbourhood Aradu Nou and the old town, the Teba halls cover today the spot on which, in 16th century, the Ottomans erected the first fortress of Arad.[more...]

The Academy Library Episcop Augustin Pacha Street 7
You enter through a richly sculpted gate with wooden mechanisms that struggle to turn on their ancient and almost seized hinges… The building – huge, bearing the evident impress of the German Renaissance after whose style it is built – greets you with a long corridor leading to an inner courtyard.[more...]

harta locatii2-1 [Converted]

Arad, Art Encounters Venues [more…]

Timco Halls Circumvalațiunii Way 8-12
The Timco Halls will be the main location of the Art Encounters and will host the exhibition “Appearance and Essence” that gives its name to this first edition, which will be curated by Rainald Schumacher and Nathalie Hoyos.[more...]

Cetate Synagogue Mărășești Street 6
The Citadel Synagogue will display during the festival the installation of Ioana Nemeş (The Wall Project, 2014). The Citadel Synagogue was build between 1862 and 1865, after the blueprints of the Viennese architect Ignaz Schumann.[more...]

Mansarda Gallery Oituz Street 4
Located in the attic of the Arts and Design Faculty, one of the most prestigious art university education institutions in Romania, Galeria Mansarda will host some of the Art Encounters talks.[more...]

Calina Gallery Mărășești Street 1-3
Named like this rather improperly, Galeria Calina represents a contemporary art space, which paradoxically functions according to some alternative principles applied in an elegant location.[more...]

Jecza Gallery / Triade Foundation Martirilor Way 51/52-53
Interart Triade Foundation, active in the field of art for over 15 years, became, this year, co-organizer of the Art Encounters biennale. This October, the gallery will display the exhibition „André Cadere. Conceptual Documents 1972-1978”, a monographic project of an original representant of the conceptual art of the 70s and 80s.[more...]

Arad Art Museum Arad, Gheorghe Popa de Teiuș 2-4, 2nd floor
Inaugurated in 1893, the Arad Museum was originally housed in the State Theatre and focussed on the 1848 Revolution.[more...]

Sala Vieneză Ady Endre Street 11
The Viennese Hall is a space for educational and cultural development in our “ Little Vienna” – Timișoara.[more...]

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