ART ENCOUNTERS    |    Appearance & Essence    |    3-31 OCTOBER 2015    TIMISOARA | ARAD
Balamuc Libertății Square, 9 Mai Street 1, 2nd floor, ap.6
Balamuc started two years ago as the studio of the artists Livia Coloji, Răzvan Cornici and Ana Kun. Although it's mainly a working space, at times Balamuc holds fanzine workshops and other activities relating to illustration and lowbrow art.

Last year, in June, the studio hosted a show called Breakfast of Superheroes, with over 30 invited artists and works produced in a variety of mediums. This show was the main event in a series called June with Superheroes. The Norm/one drawing a day, keeps the doctor away is an ongoing project started on the 1st of January 2014 which consists in posting a drawing each day on the studio's facebook page. A series of fanzines containing a month worth of drawings are going to be produced in a limited series, the first, called Gerar, is available.

Balamuc/ loc de joacă ş-altele is a platform for graphics research of the artists Livia Coloji, Ana Kun and Răzvan Cornici. Balamuc is a space populated with ideas, beings and fabulous drawings. A laboratory for experimentation and drawn communication, from classical illustration to comics, facebook, performance and home hospitality.
Dan Perjovschi’s Zines. 1992-2015 Curator: Dan Perjovschi Balamuc 1-31 October, 11:00-19:00 (closed on Mondays)
Balamuc is a generator of publications and thinking through drawing in its own right. This makes for the perfect context of the fanzine retrospective Dan Perjovschi’s Zines. 1992-2015.[more...]

some Fans & one Zine
12:00 – 15:00 Workshop: Dan Perjovschi’s Fanzine Workshop

Dan Perjovschi is an artist who communicates through drawing. Precise, critical, humorous. Since 1992 he occasionally edits, alongside his personal shows, some small independent publications. In the last ten years, each of the workshops he holds around the world ends with a fanzine. Xeroxed, modest in form yet rich in content, the fanzine is a simple and efficient way of intellectual meeting. The themes reflect the world in general, at the moment and place where we live, Sao Paolo, Geneva, Liverpool, Habana, Plymouth, Salzburg, Craiova… The philosophy is simple: everybody has something to say and everybody can somehow draw. Each attendant, adult, child, artist, student, human, draws one page and at the end gets one publication. A graphics community offhand. The workshop some Fans & one Zine does exactly that in Timişoara.

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