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André Cadere. Conceptual Documents 1972-1978 Curator Lynda Morris / Assistant Curator Roxana Gibescu / organized by Triade Foundation Triade Foundation 3-31 October, 11:00-19:00 (closed on Mondays)
“André Cadere Conceptual Documents 1972-1978”, curated by Lynda Morris and assisted by Roxana Gibescu, is a monographic project which aims to recover an important Romanian artist, internationally recognized as an original exponent of conceptual art (1967-1978), but very little known by Romanian scholars and the Romanian public. The curator Lynda Morris met Cadere in 1972 and developed a close correspondence writing about him for Studio International in the last three years of his life. She organized a series of eight nightly “pub presentations” in London and Oxford in 1976 during his ICA (Institute for Contemporary Arts) London exhibition.

“André Cadere Conceptual Documents 1972-1978” offers a chronology of André Cadere’s exhibitions, appearances, walks and lectures during the last six years of his life. This major piece of research shifts the focus away from his Round Bars of Wood (1970-1978) as objects, and instead focuses on the meanings evident in the printed documents (gallery invitations, notices of lectures and mailings to other artists such as Harald Szeemann, Gilbert and George or Daniel Buren and personal notes), and a previously unpublished audio interview conducted by Lynda Morris for Studio International in 1976 and short films that record Cadere’s actions and social relationships. The actions of Cadere centered on appearances with his Barres de Bois Rond, which he presented in galleries, museums, biennials, appearances at public sites and at the openings of renowned Conceptual artists, constituted a provocative approach towards art’s dependence on context. The correspondence and documentation around these interventions and his interactions with other artists, gallerists, collectors and critics serve as important sites for Cadere’s ideas, providing particular insight into his thinking around the politics of space, both social and institutional, against the backdrop of the economic crisis of the 70s.

This exhibition is presented with the endorsement of the Estate of the artist and Galerie Hervé Bize in Nancy and with support from Herbert Foundation in Ghent.

(André Cadere, New York, 1976
Photo by Gianfranco Gorgoni
Courtesy Galleria Minini)
André Cadere

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