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Rosa Barba (1972, Agrigento, Italy – lives and works in Berlin)
Rosa Barba works with film, sculpture, installation and artist’s books, building upon social and cultural research. She crafts her films out of layers of images and sound while also interrogating the physical presence of the medium. [more...]

Horia Bernea (1938, București, România - 2000, Paris, Franța)
One of the greatest contemporary Romanian artists whose exhibitions in the country and abroad have remained as permanent and actual landmarks in the art world. [more...]

Serioja Bocsok (1990, România - lives and works in București, România)
Graduate of the photo-video department at the University of Arts in Bucharest, Serioja Bocsok works with photography, video and instalations in both medias. [more...]

Ștefan Botez (1983, România - lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland)
Ştefan Botez is an Romanian artist based in Geneva. [more...]

Michele Bressan (1980, Trieste, Italia - lives and works in București)
In 2010 he won the Constantin Brancusi fellowship at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris. In 2009 he recived the ESSL award for photography, in the same year was nominee for the Henkel award. [more...]

Matei Bejenaru (1963, Suceava, România - lives and works in Iași, România)
Matei Bejenaru is an artist who lives and works in Iași, România, where he teaches photography and video art at the "George Enescu" Arts University. [more...]

Ștefan Bertalan (1930, Răcăștia, România - 2014, Timișoara, România)
Leading figure of the artistic life in Timișoara, Ștefan Bertalan, professional artist, is recognized and appreciated both nationally and internationally. [more...]

Rudolf Bone (1951, Oradea, România - lives and works in Oradea, România)
The artistic creation of sculptor Rudolf Bone is dominated, at the level of expression, of the choice of the material and the genre as well as of the themes and topics by a constant interrogation about the truth in art, about its caducity and consequently about its function. [more...]

Constantin Brâncuși (1876, Peștișani, România - 1957, Paris, France)
Constantin Brâncuși was a Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer who made his career in France. [more...]

Irina Bujor (1984, Târgu Mureș, România - lives and works in Stuhr, Germany & Pucioasa, România)
'My work is based on formal associations which open a singular poetic vein; multilayered images and thoughts are highlighting the fragility and instability that questions our seemingly certain reality.' [more...]

Marius Bercea (1979, Cluj-Napoca, România - lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, România)
Bercea’s imagery often involves architecture. In Seasonal Capital of Itinerant Crowds (2013) various structures – ones that are seemingly permanent, provisional, or indeed mobile – conspire to construct a pictorial space that might at first appear to be rational, but that keeps fading in and out of definition, particularly along the painting’s central axis. [more...]

Biroul de Cercetări Melodramatice (founded in 2009)
Irina Gheorghe and Alina Popa founded BMR in 2009 and are contributing to several collective projects, such as ArtLeaks, Presidential Candidacy, Bezna zine. [more...]

Mihuț Boșcu-Kafchin (1986, Cluj-Napoca, România - lives and works in Cluj-Napoca, România)
The ‘energy character’ appeared in my drawings since childhood. I remember that one day I developed this character who is living in the Internet; he doesn’t have a specific shape, he just takes the form generated by the terminal. [more...]

Geta Brătescu (1926, Ploiești, România - lives and works in București)
Geta Brătescu is a central figure of Romanian contemporary art and an iconic representative of experimental and conceptual directions from the Communist era. [more...]

Imre Bukta (1952, Mezöszemere, Hungary - lives and works in Hungary)
Imre Bukta is a Munkácsy-Prize winner artist of merit. His art is closely linked to the life and culture of Hungarians living at the countryside and making their living from agriculture. [more...]

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