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Gerhardinum Highschool Regina Maria Square 1
The Roman Catholic High School "Gerhardinium", situated in Regina Maria Square, functions since 1992 in the building of the former Piarist High School which was closed down in 1948. The Gerhardinium High School teaches both in Romanian and in Hungarian and runs a normal education programme, accompanied by religious classes, backed up by a kindergarten, primary school, middle school and a boarding school that can take up to 100 students. The high school wishes to continue the Piarist tradition, the order being established in 1595 at Rome by St. Joseph of Calazanz, its main purpose being that of offering young and poor children free education.

The first Piarist High School in Timișoara functioned since 1788 in Libertății Square on the site of today’s Palace of Credit Bank. The building of the high school, initially owned by the Franciscans, becomes at the beginning of the 20th century overcrowded. Therefore in the southwestern side of the former fortress, on top of its walls, a decision is made to build a new building, more suited for the needs of a school in those times. Thus, in 1909 the new Piarist High School is opened. The building was designed by the architects László Székely from Timișoara and Sándor Baumgarte from Budapest. Beginning with 1913 the area is closed by two newly added buildings, that of the church and of the monastery. The architectural ensemble is conceived around an interior yard and represents a remarkable example of an Art Nouveau-inspired monument, being one of the few intact complexes of this kind still standing in the city. Especially remarkable are the main wing of the high school towards the Regina Maria Square, due to the large proportions and gradual increase in size of its crown which is sustained on strong piles coming out in jutty and crowned at the roof framing’s level with a lantern, and also the church with a Greek cross planimetry towards the Regele Ferdinand Boulevard, spectacular because of the way of using the structure in order to obtain a dynamic compositional balance, based on the modulating curves of its shape and decorations. The Art Encounters exhibition will be held in the school’s gym which is located on the Republicii Boulevard.
Multivision I Multimedia installation by Sigma / organized by Jecza Gallery Gerhardinum High School 2-4 October, 11:00-19:00

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